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What to visit and do in A Guarda Surroundings – Places of interest

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A Guarda Council

A Guarda is a town in the southwest of Galicia, the southernmost town in the province of Pontevedra. To the southeast, it is connected to Portugal by the natural border that the Miño river forms; to the west, it borders the Atlantic Ocean, and to the north, it borders the town El Rosal. You can go to A Guarda from Tuy and Bayona through the road PO-552, and by ferry from Caminha. It is 50 km away from Vigo and 120 km away from Santiago de Compostela.

A Guarda Turism

Places of interest

Thanks to the campsite’s setting, you can visit the following places:

El Rosal

Known for its wines, fruits and vegetables, but also for its natural sites such as the windmills “O Folón” and “O Picón”.

O Rosal Turism


A town sharing its border with Portugal. You can visit its old town, the international bridge and the natural park of Monte Aloya.

Facing Tuy we can find Valença, a fortress town located in the upper area of the Miño river, where there is one of the most important weekly markets in the North of Portugal. The fortress is surrounded by a 5 km wall, in which there are all kinds of shops and restaurants.

Tuy Turism

If we decide to go along the coast we can visit:


A fishing village with a Romanesque and Baroque monastery dating back to the 12th century.

Oia Turism


A touristic fishing village in the South of the Rías Baixas protected from the open sea by a bay. You can have a walk around its walls and set sail towards the Cíes Islands from its port.

Baiona Turism


The largest city in Galicia, located 50 km away from us. You can get there crossing Tuy or going along the coast, crossing Baiona.

Opposite to our campsite is Caminha, where you can go using the ferry that is just some meters away from us.
If you keep going along the Portuguese coast you will find Ancora, a little fishing town that is only 20 km away from Viana do Castelo.

Vigo Turism

Viana Do Castelo

It’s set in the estuary of the Limia river. Here you can visit Peneda-Gerêz national park, Monte Santa Luzia’s sanctuary and Cabedelo beach.

Less than one hour away by car we have Braga, and Porto, which is the second most populated city in Portugal.

Thanks to its setting, our campsite is quiet and family-friendly. It has all the necessary facilities to relax, have fun, see new places and enjoy gastronomy. Besides, your pets are welcome with no additional cost.

Do Castelo Turism

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