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At Camping Santa Tecla we know how important your pet is to you, so they are welcome to our campsite.

Our policy on the admission of pets is based primarily on the respect: to the other users of the campsite, to the established norms, to the facilities and to the equipments, therefore we establish the following conditions:

1.- We must be given a copy of the passport, with its microchip and up-to-date vaccines as well as the liability insurance.

2.- Pets may not walk loose.

3.- Pets are strictly prohibited from making their needs on the campsite area, except in the places where their excrement must be collected and deposited in the places established for this purpose.

4.- Pets may not disturb the tranquility of other guests.

5.- Pets will not be able to stay alone, except few exceptions that must be consulted with reception previously.

6.- The owner will be responsible for any damage or problem caused by the pet either to another customer or to the campsite’s own facilities.

7.- Access to the following common areas of the campsite is not allowed: swimming pool, restaurant, cafeteria, children’s areas and play areas, except guide dogs.

8.- The owner shall be entirely responsible for any administrative penalty imposed by the Santa Tecla Campsite for non-compliance with the established rules.

9.- It will be condition sine qua non that you accept and sign the conditions established at the entrance to the campsite.


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